You' re an animal baby!

Animals are one of my favorite things to photograph.  As a photographer you have little to no control over them, but I often find them doing the craziest, funniest, most beautiful things, almost as if they know their photo is being taken.  Just look at these guys...

Wine Shop Guard Dog

Shar pei  in Valldemossa, Majorca, Spain


Kitties of Spain

Vespa Kitty

"Leave me alone"

Perfect Profile Pose

Camo Kitty

The world is your trash can, just waiting to be rummaged.


Dogs of Maine

Christmas dinner at my sister's house in Maine consisted of 8 people, 1 Spinone, 1 Pug, and an 8 month old Llewellin Setter.  It was wild and fun to say the least...well at least until my sister stepped in Mya's surprise she left upstais...Oops.

Sophie the Pug

Mya the Llweellin Setter

Feeling very sorry for the accident she had in which my sister stepped, and also looking like the Luck Dragon from the "Never Ending Story."

Jake the Spinone - king of the house

And giant lap dog


Horses, horses, horses, horses


Melissa & Cody