Work Flow - storage & organization / by Sarah

Work_Flow_Sarah_W_Studios With every new year, comes a new motivation to purge and organize my life.  Something about putting  away all the Christmas decorations and stripping things clean that makes my inner Monica Geller come out.  My husband would argue she is always lingering, but I digress.  This month I am tackling our 3rd floor/my work space/our storage area.  You may recall from my renovation posts, our 3rd floor use to be a (illegal) 3 bedroom apartment, which we demo'ed and reconnected to the main house.  It is a now a wonderful, raw, light filled space where I can work and photograph, but it still need some organization.  When I am photographing for a client my work flow is quite particular, but when it comes to my personal archives...well they need a little work.  I was chatting about this with a fellow photographer the other day.  Do you use cloud storage, off site, DVD's, external hard drives?  In this day and age of amazing technology, we have so much data! More than any other era, but how do/should we store and organize it?  A photography rule of thumb, says you need your work stored in three separate places.  For me that typically means some sort of cloud storage, and two separate external hard drives. But my family photographs are all over the place.  I literally haven't even completed our wedding album.  Perfect example of the cobblers children having no shoes...I have  tons of personal photos, but rarely do I print them and it is even more rare that I would create an album of photos.  I am determined to remedy this.  How do you all go about this?  Are there any super humans out there, who have meticulously recorded and printed their family, travel and life photos? (Christine (sister-in-law) do not answer...)  If so, how?  Help!