Winter Fashion doldrums / by Sarah

It is that time of year again.  When the temperatures are still on the frigid side, but the stores are packed with visions of spring.  It seems every year at about this time I do a post about winter dressing.  It is usually catalyzed by a flurry of pins added to my fashion Pinterest board featuring some willowy street style bogger in skinny pants and big knits.  I guess it is an effort to help me stay sartorially sane and warm these remaining winter months.  Yes, months.  In New England winter is far from over.  So here is what I am channeling until our 70+ inched of snow melts:

Skinny pants, chunky knits, a little leather and little faux fur.  Layer up to keep warm.  And flat shoes are a must in all this snow.  Although the high top sneaker look isn't for me, this girl rocks it  This girl also renews my love for a messy top knot.  Also glasses.  Cold, dry weather is the worst for contacts.   Image: peoplewithstyles


So does this girl.  Image: Allthingshouseandbeautiful


Knit sweater, leather and a delicate necklace to off set.  I love it.  Image: COLBY MILANO


Knits and wide legged jeans.  Sweaters can get old fast but these girls are helping renew my commitment knowing I am going to have to keep wearing them for a while.  Image: thenletitbe.tumbler

More knits and skinnies .  Sensing a theme?  Image: annaelizabethevents


Black and navy.  And the Rag and Bone pilot bag.  I got one for my birthday 2 years ago and I still use it almost every day.  It is big, but not too big.  Lots of great pockets and zippers and a handle or cross body/shoulder strap.  And light weight.  So many luxury bags are absolutely gorgeous, but weigh 4-5 lb. before you have even put your first tube of lipstick in them.  This is seriously one of the most versatile bags I have ever owned.


More of the same, but good inspiration. Image: Madewell


These boots are probably the most realistic for snow trekking.

An now for my new girl crush,  Maja Wyh.  Turns out I have been pinning this girl for a while and finally figured out who she is.  She is the queen of long layers and all things cool.  She is the Olsen twins and Siena Miller of the early 'aughts in a fresh way.  This fashion blogger originally from Denmark, I believe, is a little bit Boho, a little bit rock and roll and adorable with her effortless look and air dried hair.  Perhaps it is the fact she lives in northern Europe and dresses accordingly that has me coming back to her blog every time I need a little fashion pick me up or perhaps it is the fact that she can pull off just about anything.  I just have to make sure I look as pulled together as her when I try this.  It can veer quickly into homeless carpool mom if I add my ugly Uggs and large puffer jacket.

Maja WyhMaja Wyh Maja Wyh Maja Wyh Maja Wyh Maja Wyh

Hair envy much.Maja Wyh Maja Wyh

* As I type I am spiriting away to south Georgia for a little humidity and warmth.  My 3 year old daughter's pre-school is off for winter vacation, so I am taking the kiddos down to see GG and Papa.  I also, fortunately have a few clients down there, so I get to expense a little work as well.  Peace out Boston.  xo