Wine Labels

I mentioned in my previous post my friend and her husband run an amazing wine business with multiple different brands ranging from the high high end to more reasonably priced wines.  The crazy thing is even the reasonable prices wines are out of this world delicious.  Her husband, Tuck, is truly an expert at this stuff and it shows in every aspect of their work.  Being a designer and photographer I was absolutely taken aback by the wine labels themselves.  They are each so unique and beautiful and the design truly correlates to each particular wine.  He let me take a few home to put up on my inspiration board.

They are must more impressive in person.  With all the embossing, foil leafing and detail, you just want to touch them.


The Sun - Seventy Five Wine Co.

The Sum label is a thermography print and the design comes from a charcoal drawing inspired by the cork of their 75 label.  This one is so affordable and probably my favorite.


Hogwash - such simple label....such great name!



The Semper label is inspired by traditional Bordeaux label.  There is so much detail in this design and I love the history behind it.  Between the gold leaf, thermography and letterpressing this label is quite sophisticated.  Perfect for this high end Pinot Nior



Another beautiful, but simple label, Mockingbird may be my favsies.  The way the leaves form the bird is just beautiful and the numerous different printing processes that go into this label are just astounding.  The green elements are foil leafing and the black are letterpressed.  I just love it.



The Amulet label is a thermography print with a little gold leafing (again, the photograph does not do this justice).  Is is just too cool.  Tuck's, coffee table made from wine bottle holders also ups the cool factor by about a million.  Wait, this one is may favorite...