Where are you? Ou êyes-vous? / by Sarah

Oh my dear sweet baby Jesus, it has been over two weeks since I blogged.  I think that is the longest radio silence I have gone ever, even after giving birth.  Well I guess trying to finish renovating a house is a different type of giving birth and our recent escape to Paris made for some busy days.  Paris? You ask.  Yes, Paris! A few months ago I cashed in all our frequent flyer and hotel points and booked a trip to Paris, just for the me and the hubby.  It was heaven.  We felt a million miles away from it all, and I am now back feeling mentally refreshed and ready to jump back into it all.  Although a bit jet lagged so the "jump" today is a bit more of a wading into the shallow end.  Here is a tid bit as I edit the other hundreds of photos I took and catch up on work.

Tour de Eiffel

tour de eiffel(web)jpg