What to blog about...reality check

I promised myself I would blog more.  I love the exercise of creating a post, whether it be a series I shot over the weekend, updates on my home, or sharing a recent project, but here I am struggling to get at least one post a week.  Lately I have been working away on projects I can't quite share yet, getting my house complete or just chasing after my (very) energetic two year old, which at 32 weeks pregnant is no easy task.  I am feeling that third trimester fatigue where I feel at any given moment I could just close my eyes and instantly be asleep.  Of course not at night though, because as I lay down, that is when the baby in my belly decides it is time to practice some intricate Jazzercise routine.  And this is my house this morning, post toddler drop off, as I wait for a workman, before I go into the studio.  Oh the glamorous life.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Ok, rant over.  Back to work.  Where it that workman...