Weekend Update

This weekend the hubs and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with a little staycation at a lovely old Boston hotel.  The in-laws offered to stay over with bébé and we had our first night away together without her!  It was wonderful.  My weekend was also bookended with some Boston fashion week events on Friday and Sunday night.  Here are some iPhone and Instagram pics of the weekend.  More on the actual shows later.


Press pass, and in the photographers pit for the Sam Mendoza show.  So official.


Serious photographers a work! (Taken by my friend in the front row, Liana.)


Upon leaving the Tent at the Mandarin Oriental I almost fell down the stairs when I saw one of my photos used in the Louis ad.

Me being super blasé about the whole thing.



Saturday we checked into the historic old Taj hotel (use to be the old Boston Ritz) for a little in town get away.  We were away from bébé for the first night together, but could practically see our apartment windows from the hotel room.  Haha.  Baby steps.

Beacon Hill on that rainy Saturday morning


Champagne that night in the old hotel bar.



Sunday morning was sleeping in, room service and the paper.  So lovely and quiet.

Sunday evening (after blissful reunion with bébé), I strapped on my heels and headed out for another Boston fashion week show.  This time it was the ethereal Emily Muller.

Seat mate, Soonha Lee and I compare shoes.



Jessica Sutton and I smile for Soonha's iPhone.

Fashion shows, fancy hotels, champagne and room service...it is a tough life, but somebody has to do it.  Glad that somebody is me!