Weekend Update / by Sarah

Yes, it is time for another weekend update.  We stayed in town this weekend but still managed to pack it all in.  Boy am I looking forward to our week long beach get away next week, but for now...


We finally made use of our amazing roof deck and had a little dinner party.  In true, ridiculous me form, I made it a combo dinner party/photo shoot.  Lawrence McRae has a new line of gorgeous votive candle holders, that were just dying to be used in a gorgeous roof top, dinner party setting.  I mean dying!  I had a blast styling and setting the table for the night.

The scene...

(Photo: Erin Gates' iPhone)


The votives

(My iPhone)


The night



Saturday was pretty mellow.  Just baby stuff, walks in the park and recovering from the previous evening.  Oh, and I made oatmeal.  Don't you just LOVE this packaging.  I am such a sucker for pretty products.



Sunday evening we went on a little cruise.  I really do think Boston had one of the most beautiful harbors.


"Oh, my God. I almost forgot to tell you. I got bangs.  My hair is so now."  -Legally Blonde

  Except I am having a love hate relationship with them...we'll see.