Weekend Update / by Sarah

I don't think I could have planned/not planned a more perfect weekend than the one I just had.  It was my first mother's day as a mom and while we had some events planned, we also just let things happen.

Saturday - During my early morning Starbucks and breakfast run I could feel the cool air was going to give way and it was going to be one of those gorgeous days.  I texted the hubby saying we should scrap our to-do list and chores and go to Duxbury Beach for the day.  Duxbury is an old colonial ship building town about 30 miles south of Boston, and their beach is a 6 mile long barrier peninsula with the bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.  You can purchase an annual beach sticker allowing you to drive a 4x4 vehicle out on the dunes of the long remote beach.  It is so beautiful and unspoiled.

After a fun day at the beach, we drove back home, showered up and had a relaxing evening at home.  Baby went to bed beautifully and the hubby and I stayed up until midnight talking, sipping wine and catching up.  It is amazing how the week can fly by and I barely get a chance to catch up with my husband.  It was wonderful.


Sunday - I was a little tired from my late night wine sipping and catching up with my hubby...not to mention the 4 am feeding squeezed in there, but it was my first Mother's Day as a mother!  It is so strange when I say it out loud. "I'm a mom?!?!" I can still hardly believe it.  We had a lovely Mother's Day brunch and then grandma and grandpa took the baby, while we went to the Red Sox game.  I even found a vendor that had gluten-free beer!  Bliss.


We scooted out at the 7th inning stretch for an afternoon snack at Island Creek Oyster Bar.  (I love going to the ballpark on a nice day, but we also had a babysitter for the day, so I wanted to cram as much in as possible.)  Island Creek Oysters are a local oyster farming company (Duxbury in fact)  There is so much to love about this company.  Oyster are a great sustainable food source and Island Creek Oyster supports sustainable agriculture and fishing practices through their foundation. Oh, and their brand aesthetic is beyond perfect.  The font, the letter press, the logo, the decor...am so in love.


We ended the day with baby bath time (my favorite), some yummy left overs and HBO.  Seriously, HBO has been making Sunday nights bearable since Sex and the City and the Sopranos...my current faves: Game of Thrones (I have a bit of the fantasy nerd in me.) and VEEP (some seriously funny political stuff.  Julia Louis-Dryfus is amazing)  I usually have to save Mad Men to DVR.  I can't say up that late.  Which makes for a great Monday night!  Yay me!  I hope all the moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  Mine first one was perfect.