Weekend Update / by Sarah

Temperatures crept into the 60's this weekend in Boston and the warm fall weather practically demanded I drop everyting and just go for a walk.  So that is what I did, practically nothing and lots of walking.


Saturday morning the hubs and I lounged around, watched Game Day and drank our coffee.  A prefect fall Saturday morning and Magnolia was more than happy to partake.



That afternoon we did as the weather demanded and ventured outside with no destination in mind.  We just wanted to feel the Fall air.





Sunday surprise

As I sipped Pellegrino by my computer Sunday afternoon, I noticed the bottles had a Missoni print for a background!  How cool and chic is that?!?!  Perfect little design ending to a perfect weekend.  (Of course now I am totally going to buy Pellegrino just to get that Missoni print...yes I am that person.  Oh well.)