Walk in the Park / by Sarah

With almost spring like temperatures here in Boston yesterday I think I spent a total of maybe 2 hours indoors .  My hubby and I spent the day walking around and soaking in the gorgeous weather.  I am warned that Boston could still get another big snow storm, but I quickly dismissed those thoughts.  The day was too wonderful to worry about a silly little thing like a March snow storm. :)


These birch trees by the Charles River were so bright and graphic against the blue bird sky and with no other leaves or foliage in which to compete they seemed to jump out at you. - I know it is a little "student work" to be taking photo of trees, but I couldn't help myself.


In black and white they seem more winter than spring.


Setting Sail

Steve and I were so inspired that we decided we MUST join the Boston Community Boating.  They even give adult lessons, which this girl definitely needs, although I may wait till it gets a bit warmer.  Still too cold for this Georgia girl.