Uniform Dressing / by Sarah

While I love, love, love fashion there are many mornings I miss the no brainer aspect of all my years growing up wearing a uniform to school.  As I was switching my closet over from winter to spring clothes, I realized I still do have a "uniform."  One look at my Pinterest board on fashion confirms my taste.  A silk shirt, skinny pants and ballet flats are my crazy day "go-to" outfit, but I also realized my uniform needed a little tweaking and inspiration.  (Tweaking that did not require a shopping spree.)  There is the saying, we wear 20% or our wardrobe 80% of the time, which begs the question: how do I incorporate some of those loved but not super worn items?  To help me answer that question, I pulled some of my spring favorites from my Pinterest board.   I swear I have some variation of everything pictured.  Here is my (ideal) spring uniform: