Top 10 Baby Products in My Life / by Sarah

Since my feature in The Everygirl I have gotten quite a few questions about some of my favorite baby items. Now with just 5 month of mothering under my belt, I don’t pretend to be an expert by any means, but I have developed a few items I cannot live with out. 1. Uppa baby Vista stroller

We test drove all the strollers and chose this one for a number of reasons.

  • We need a SUV type stroller for our city living
  • Folds up in one motion, unlike the Bugaboo
  • Comes with a bassinette attachment, which is perfect for when they are newborn. The bassinette attachment can also be put on a stand and used as an extra sleep area (I have it in my studio)
  • I like the all black sleek color
  • The company is based out of Massachusetts and have a stellar customer service reputation should anything break or need attention.


2. Maxi Cosi - Mico Infant Car Seat

Again, we looked at all the car seats out there and chose this one for 2 reasons. One, it is the lightest weight infant car seat available and two, it comes in the least offensive colors. What is it with baby stuff that they insist on making things in the ugliest colors and patterns imaginable?!?! We got the all black one, but they have a magenta and turquoise one that are kind of fun too. I was warned that the base was difficult to install, but I had my local baby store help me install it for the first time (something I would have done with any car seat.) and it helped me figured it out for other times.


3. Skip Hop: Pronto! changing station

It is the whole diaper bag and changing pad in one little foldable pouch. I can throw it in my cute tote or large purse and not look like I am carrying a huge diaper bag around. Also, comes in cute patterns designed by Johnathan Adler.


4. Happiest Baby on the Block book

This book was recommended to us by many people and I echo the endorsement. It made sense of those first 3 months and how to soothe your newborn. A must for any new parent. It comes in a DVD too.


5. Grobag sleep sack or Halo SleepSack

At 2 months old little miss squirmy was busting out of her swaddle and flipping over so I quickly purchased some sleep sacks. (We used the blankets from the hospital to swaddle her up until this point….they were great.) Grobag makes some really pretty patterned ones and Halo has some nice ones too. I just got the two above.


6. Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Baby book

This has been very helpful as our little one has developed beyond the swinging and swaddleing of the Happiest Baby on the Block book and into the whole sleep training. I can't say that we have mastered if by any stretch of the imagination, but it is helping.


7. Little Castle rocker/recliner

I searched and searched for gliders, knowing this would be a big ticket item for our nursery and I would be spending many hours in it. Sheridan French’s top 10 baby list directed me to the Little Castle brand and after sitting in a few at a local baby show room we were sold. We went with the Buckingham style in beige micro suede and black leather trim. (Our nursery is a safari theme so I wanted a “club chair” look.) I liked that I could choose from so many fabrics. With our small space we opted for the rocker/recliner version, something my husband was ecstatic about since I swore I would NEVER get a recliner. I caved because it looks nothing like the ugly Lazy Boys and is sooooo comfortable. I have been known to sleep on it. It also has a high back and low arms which many do not. My arms fit in it with out feeling as though my shoulders are scrunched up.


8. Baby Bjorn travel crib

Okay, so this is not exactly cheep for a pack and play but it is soooooo light and can literally be put up in one motion. So worth the extra cost if you find yourself traveling a lot. It also seems a lot softer and nicer than some of the other pack and play and comes in my coveted all black, non ugly, design.

9. Baby Bjorn Babysitter

It is essential to have another place to set your baby, aside from the crib, where you know he or she cannot get out of. I love the Baby Bjorn Babysitter, because it can fold down and get tucked under the sofa when we don't want our living room to look like kiddie land. It is light weight, easy to move around, and again comes in "non ugly" colors. You can also put them in it as newborns, and you can purchase a cute wooden toy to click on it. We call it Mr. Googly eyes.


10. L.L Bean swim suits

Their surf shirt and swim suit have UPF 50+ protection and the colors and pattern are adorable and bright. The two piece makes it easy to change a diaper, while not looking like a bikini. (My husband made me throw out the bikini top and just keep the bottoms to go with the shirt…no bikini for our little girl for a LONG time.)


And one more for fun...

11. L.L Bean Boat Totes

I love love love these monogrammed with the little ones initials. I use a medium size one with long handles as a tote for all her items to go to the beach, kids care at the gym, car rides etc. I have the large one with short handles a her toy box in her room. I adore the super versatility of this classic tote, especially for baby stuff.


Some other great resources have been the beautiful and talented Miss Sheridan French of The Southern Eclectic blog (she has written three posts about her favorite baby items), and The Baby Guy NYC. You have to follow him on Twitter and Instagram. He posts the funniest pictures of his little nuggets and all the ways poor Sophie the Giraffe has been murdered over the years...Sofie is that inside parent joke...sorry.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer weekend.