Time to get organized / by Sarah

We are in organization mode in our house right now, with closets finally being installed and a third floor filled with items to be stored and Metro shelving to be put together.  Just in time to dig out all those Christmas items (my favorite holiday).  The other week I was photographing a family whom I have done their Christmas card photos three years in a row now, and I absolutely fell in love with the way they organized their toys.  With winter approaching (first snow today), we have decided to turn a portion of the basement into a play room and I will be taking a page from my friend's organization book.

Simply take a photo of the bin's contents and tape it on front with a label, masking tape and pen work perfectly.  No need to get all label maker crazy as toys and bins can rotate and change.  I also love how this bi-lingual family has their labels in Spanish.


I also love floating shelves, especially for books.  I have found my little one likes to see the front of the book, not just the bound edge.  The cover is much more recognizable and easier to choose your bedtime story. Photo from Kapito Muller Interiors Instagram feed @kapitomuller


And how "to die for" is this library Kelly Wearstler did for her boys?!?!  Photo from her book Hue.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.29.31 AM