Tibi Fall/Winter 2014

Corn flower blue, mohair coats, sweaters, skirts and boots you want to cosy into now.  The Tibi girl owns her look and is warm and comfortable while at it.  Perhaps inspired by the nations recent long freezing stretch of winter Tibi offers actual practical winter clothing for Fall/Winter 2014, but with that minimalistic edge that has come to be the signature of recent Tibi.  Throw in a few off the shoulder tops (totally on my wish list) and asymmetrical skirts showing off the knees and you get how Tibi does sexy.

From the runway.

TibiF-W2014(web)-19 TibiF-W2014(web)-20

The prefect black boot.TibiF-W2014(web)-21 TibiF-W2014(web)-22 TibiF-W2014(web)-23 TibiF-W2014(web)-24 TibiF-W2014(web)-25

This navy blue top is on my wish list for fall...as are the dark stained lips.  Love.TibiF-W2014(web)-26 TibiF-W2014(web)-27

Back Stage

TibiF-W2014(web)-2 More boots I want.

TibiF-W2014(web)-7 TibiF-W2014(web)-6 TibiF-W2014(web)-5  TibiF-W2014(web)-8 TibiF-W2014(web)-18 TibiF-W2014(web)-17 TibiF-W2014(web)-16 TibiF-W2014(web)-15 TibiF-W2014(web)-14 TibiF-W2014(web)-13 TibiF-W2014(web)-12 TibiF-W2014(web)-11 TibiF-W2014(web)-10 TibiF-W2014(web)-9