This is CNN... / by Sarah

Oh my goodness, it has been over a week since I have blogged.  Shame on me.  My only excuse is renovations, baby, work, life, etc... Not good enough I know.  My promise to you is more frequent blogging and renovations updates weekly.  The dumpster arrives tomorrow so the big time begins.  Just when I felt overwhelmed and wondering what I am doing trying to juggle all this I get a great little piece of press.  Well Erin Gates, with whom I am so lucky to have a great friendship and working relationship, got interviewed by and they used some of my photographs in the article.  The article is all about finding décor inspiration in your closet, and the gorgeous pink, black and white apartment I photographed with her is a perfect example.  Pop over to to check out the whole article.  Here are some of my images.

130528132837-gates-style-01-horizontal-gallery 130528133137-gates-style-02-horizontal-gallery 130528133731-gates-style-05-horizontal-gallery