Things I have learned while living through a renovation

That is probably the most "first world problems" post title I have ever written, but this is my life right now.  We are in the final finals or electrical, built-ins and punch list time.  I have set a date for a Christmas Party and by golly shit better be done by then.  I am also sure the workers are tired of seeing me answer the door in the morning in my same ratty yoga pants and sweatshirt.

IMG_6102 IMG_6105

So here we go.

Things I have learned while living through a renovation, the ugly:

• You don't know what it will be, but there will be something… Our contractor was very upfront  that with old homes you find "surprises," so we were not totally taken off guard when we did find some.  For us that included having to rewire the whole house and remove old knob and tube super hazardous electrical.  Good news, our walls will not catch fire, bad news good bye more budget.

• Budget?  What is a budget?  The age old, it will take twice as long and cost twice as much it true.  Well not that exactly but close.

• Don't try to plan anything for you day.  Don't plan on going to work.  Don't plan on taking your child to music class or school or the grocery store.  Plan on staying at home, all the time, waiting for workers to show up, because they show up at anytime, unscheduled, unplanned, whenever.  The house is your new husband.  You are married to it.

• Don't cancel all your plans, because said workers could just not show up for any reason, anytime, any day.

• Pinterest is your best friend/worst enemy.

• You have stupid expensive taste and there are usually perfectly acceptable alternative options at Home Depot or Lowe's.

• Except for lighting.  Their lighting sucks, save for a handful only sold online.

• The UPS guy will deserve a big Christmas gift as he will be delivering something everyday.  Rugs, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, chairs, kitty litter.

• You love the UPS man.  What did he bring me today!  (Crap, it is wrong, I have to return it.)

• Sign up for Amazon Prime, pronto.

• The littlest things will bring you crazy joy.  That single hanging light bulb in the ceiling finally getting replaced with it's proper light fixture.  Not more interrogation room style decor for you.  

• You are excited to see the dumpster arrive and thrilled to see it leave.

• Your daughter will run and hug the contractor every time he walks in the door like he is the fun uncle coming to visit.

• A good painter can be expensive and you will think, painting…I can do the painting…Yay me, I just saved us a ton of money.  You will paint one room, want to kill yourself and call back that painter.  He will already be booked on another job.

• For the amount of time and money you spend on the kitchen you will want to hug and kiss it every time your walk in.  You will also treat it like a pristine operating room, freaking out over any spill, scrape, mark, scratch, whatever.  Same thing goes for refinishing hardwood floors.  Give yourself a few weeks.  You will let if go.

• It will bring out even the most patient person's inner Veeuca Salt.  "I want it NOW!"

That is where I am now.  I want it all to be!  So close.  Patients.