The Savvy Hen / by Sarah

I am so excited to announce the opening of my brother and sister-in-law's venture, The Savvy Hen!  The grand opening party is this Saturday and we are of course packing our cowboy boots and heading to Colorado this weekend. logo

The Savvy Hen is an urban farm and feed store located right in downtown Boulder, Colorado. Their focus includes chicken feed products, gardening supplies, beekeeping products, and natural body-care products all hand selected by my sister-in-law Melissa.  They are also offering beautifully designed builder contracted coops.  Their own backyard coop echoes the arts and craft style of their home.  It has to be the chicest chicken coop I have ever seen.

photo 1

Don't even get me started on the interior.  White washed walls, a pink chandelier, baby photos...too much!  Makes me want to hang out and play.

photo 2

On top of all this they even have an in store classroom where they will have seminars on chicken and beekeeping, gardening topics and make-your-own skin care, so if all of this seems overwhelming, they are there to help.  I cannot wait to see them and the store in person.  Oh and their adorable golden retriever puppy, Mosby, unofficial store mascot.  Here is a peek at the store right before opening.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.47.06 AM

See you soon bro!