The Poet of Prague - Josef Sudek / by Sarah

Photographer Josef Sudek , or the Poet of Prague as he became know, has long been a favorite of mine, ever since my graduate school photography professor,  Pradip Malde (also another amazing photographer) introduced me to Suede's work.  At the time I was studying large format photography and platinum-palladium printing over a crazy hot Chicago summer.  My boyfriend had just broken up with me and was fully immersed in that whole, art school "who am I" world.  Sudek's images seemed so melancholy, so thoughtful, so relatable, yet distant at the same time. 

With news of a Josef Sudek exhibition in Paris this summer, The Intimate World of Josef Sudek, I once again dove back into Suede's work.  Sadly I will not be jetting off to Paris to view the exhibition but I have been viewing it online and I have ordered the catalogue.  I find new inspiration in his work.  Gone is the art school girl, searching for answers in bars, museums, and coffee shops, and in her place is a busy mom of two little ones, a wife and a working photographer.  In our technology fueled world, flushed with images of pinpoint digital accuracy, Suede's work seems almost painterly and perhaps other worldly.  

Here are some of my favorites.

Here are some from the exhibition in Paris.