The Most Amazing Peonies!

Last week, my intern Jacalyn found the most amazing peonies for our photo shoot.  (I was Instagraming pictures of them all weekend.) They were perfect bight magenta pink and looked amazing in the photo shoot.


The peonies were pretty closed up when she purchased them at Winston's Flowers, however, they sure did not stay that small!


With the heat we had last week they began to open almost as she stepped out of the shop.  Once we cut them and put them in fresh water, they got bigger by the second.


After the shoot I took them home to enjoy and they just got bigger and bigger.



And they started getting lighter...





By Monday they were completely bleached out!


I had never seen anything like that!  A little Google searching by Jacalyn Monday morning revealed that once cut some types of peonies bleach out...It was amazing.