The marble countertop debate / by Sarah

As you saw in my last post our kitchen is basically studs and the wood sub-flooring.  We are redoing it all.  Fortunately I pretty much know what I want the end result to look like.  The devil is just in the details.  One of those detail being the countertops.  I love love love marble countertops.  Like hard core love.  The white base, the veining, the smoothness, I just love the look of marble.  There is no granite out there that offers that lovely feel.  Plus I want white cabinets and a black island, so marble would look amazing.  Unfortunately marble is one of the most pourous and "soft" stone options out there.  I have heard it all; they stain, they etch, youe won't like them blah, blah, blah.   On the flip side they are actually on the least expensive side.  A Brazilian quartzite which has that lovely veining, and it much stronger than marble also runs about 5x as much as marble.

So after exhausted debate and research we have decided to go with marble.  The French and Italians have been using marble as counter tops forever.  I guess it is just us Americans that freak out over some staining and patina.  But I am going to embrace it...while taking care of it.  I wouldn't chop up veggies on a counter any way and I know not to put any citrus directly on it.  Plus my marble love must run in the family because my mom and sister who have each redone their kitchens in the last 3 years, have both put in marble.  Crazy how a seemingly simple decision can take a lot of work. Whew.


(Ridiculously darling, blogger, Holly of Life in the Fun Lane, wrote a great post about her own debate and decision to go with marble. If you are deliberating I highly recommend reading it)