The Man Cave... / by Sarah

So basically anyone who knows me knows I hate the phrase "man cave."  I hate the whole concept, but not in a way you might think.  I hate that the man of the house is delegated to a "cave."  Some dingy basement where a sectional sofa, a big screen and some sports memorabilia constitute as a man's dream space.  Where is the elegance?  Where is that gentleman feel?  And why must men stuff be shunned to the basement with the whole concept of a room downgraded to a cave.  Now I know the phrase has entrenched its way into our vernacular, perpetuated by HGTV and the whole House Hunters culture, but is still drives me nuts.

That said, I have a point (believe it or not.)  And it is, in our new home my husband will have a "library."  A bit old fashion perhaps, but I feel every guy deserves a front of the house, den, study or library, and we plan on doing just that.  This room will also be our main TV, family room, but it will be mostly be my husbands "room" and he will have big doors to close out the world when he needs to.  Now before you worry I am getting all Suzie homemake on you, (I am the girl who didn't change her last name when I got married mind you) lets face it...I basically have the rest of the house right?  Also, we are lucky enough to have an amazing living room flanking the library that will be as light and airy as the library is dramatic and dark.  Oh yeah.  I am planning on painting the walls black.  Quell gasps and pearl clutching.  It is going to be awesome.

Here are some of my inspiration for the library:


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Sasha Adler's room in Elle58ad79fcd119552b049e58b3a773dc21

House Beautiful8496c0d19db1f61d055435974d98e73a

Here is the room day of closing.  Great space, bad paint color, bad tile, bad light fixtures and well...a blank canvas really.


Now imagine dark floors, black walls, a built in on the right side wall with a hidden door going into the kitchen and black walls!

Here is the new marble the hubs picked out for the fireplace surround and hearth.  Such good taste if I do say so my self.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 9.09.59 PM

Here are the plans I designed for the built ins, complete with a little french door that will lead into the kitchen, for those nights when and extra glass of wine is needed as we are curled up by the fire watching a movie.  Butler not included.


I have to say, aside from the kitchen, this is the room I am most excited about.  The other rooms may have zero furniture in them for many months but this room will be the first to be complete.  I can't wait to show you all the final room.  I mean I REALLY can't wait.  (As I type this blog post from the lower-level* of my in-laws house.)

*My mother-in-law and I decided to start referring to is at the "lower-level" instead of the basement.  At least as long as we are camped out here.