The Life Aquatic - I'm on a boat! / by Sarah

Our collecting trip has come to a close, and as I sit at my computer downloading my 500+ photos and avoiding my stinky bag of laundry, I am reveling in the post trip haze of exhaustion, exhilaration and nostalgia.  My husband and I were asked to volunteer for the 2011 Bahamas colleting trip, back in November 2010 and have been waiting in eager anticipation for this adventure, like a 6-year-old on Christmas Eve.  Let me tell you, the trip was everything and more.  It was the adventure of a lifetime or perhaps now an annual adventure, as we had such an amazing time.  To help give you blog readers a little peek into our 10-day adventure, I wanted to share with you a little photo journal of what life out to sea on a New England Aquarium trip is like.  First up, life on a boat


Life on the Coral Reef II

The Coral Reef II research vessel was our home, work place and transportation for the week at sea.  While the quarters could feel a little tight, she served us well.

The Coal Reef II

She was yar alright.  Well, maybe not "yar" but she got the job done.







The deck

Where we prepped for dives, housed the fish we collected, and relaxed as we motored from one site to the next.



The bridge

Captain’s quarters, wheelhouse, and zodiac boats for shore trips





The Salon

Where we ate, relaxed and studied our fish identifications.


The engine room

Loud and hot, this room powered us through some high seas.


Below deck- Our cabins

I slept like a baby in these little bunks, and believe it or not, they felt like a luxury after a long day of diving.


Up next: day-by-day account of our adventure, and how we actually collected those little fish.  P.S. Fish are WAY smarter than I had ever thought.