The Berkshires / by Sarah

This weekend the hubs and I took a much needed retreat to the lovely Berkshire Mountains.  At only a two hour drive away, I cannot believe we have not escaped to there sooner.  The hills and mountains were peaceful and quiet, and still very much engulfed in the depths of winter with a gray scale to rival any Platinum print.  I loved it.  Unfortunately, after an amazing but crazy  day on Friday, I left my SLR in the studio so my iPhone had to suffice in helping me capture some shots to add to my inspiration file/Instagram.

So quiet.


We stayed at the Cranwell, an old mansion turned resort.

Part Downton Abby

Photo Mar 02, 2 08 23 PM

Part Caddy Shack

Photo Mar 02, 3 17 14 PM

We enjoyed a long breakfast, complete with Sunday paper and loads of coffee refills.


On our drive back home on Sunday we popped into the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA.  The Ren Lion Inn is Americana at it's best with Victorian bric a brac, lace doilies, and all the finest "Grandma's house" decor lining every surface.  I don't think a thing has changed here since 1880.  Now I am am much more of a minimalist but this place was practically a museum.  P.S. I kind of really want this kitty painting.IMG_8539

Seriously, there is this whole "Lincoln" thing right now.  The Red Lion is on top of the trend. IMG_8540

Has me constantly thinking this... "Lincoln. He's so hot right now. Lincoln."


Old timey bar with yummy Bloody Mary's



And a gift shop to rule them all. Tchotchke items galore.