Sweet 2016 / by Sarah


"This is is the year of sweet 2016.  Work hard on managing your choices in that direction."

A yogi friend of mine said this to me the other day and I love this idea of "managing your choices."  Between working, being a mom, being a wife and all the other family, school, social, financial and home obligations we have, one can feel pulled in a million, little directions.  I like the idea of having a decision making end goal, a mission statement if you will.  Something to keep in mind every time another person or thing wants a piece of me.  Will this make my life "sweeter."

Of course there are things we HAVE to do.  Life isn't always a party, but there are also so many things I could edit out, or focus on differently.   Setting my phone in the charger as soon as I walk in the door and focusing on my kids?  Yes!  Constantly checking my email and messages after work hours?  No.

Simple but hard.  A lot can get filed under that mantra and looking back at my last year's resolutions I still have very similar goals. Some I have made head way on (selling my art!) Others could use some work (Ahem...phone, phone, phone.) I have come to really enjoy the stripping away and refocusing January offers.  Even in my surroundings.  The white, starkness of winter remind me to take a cure form nature; strip clean and turn the focus internal.

Happy New Year to you all.

Oh and if you are looking for a new blog to follow, check out my friend Rodin Anderson.  She has been blogging for quite some time now, but her site just got a fancy revamp and with both her boys in school now, she has found time for lots go great posts (unlike this wayward, infrequent blogger.)  I really love her writing and her minimalist/bohemian (oxymoron I know) vibe.  She just screams cool and is basically what I want to be when I got up (even though she is younger than me)...and she gave me this snazzy graphic shirt. Love it dressed up or down.