Sunday Funday-Harvard Square

In my household we live and die by our schedule and routine. For the good mostly. It helps keep me sane (somewhat) and organized (somewhat), and anyone who has spent time around a toddler who has missed his or her nap will attest to the sanctity of schedules. But this also means we tend to keep our datenights to a routine as well. The beautiful weather seemed like the prefect time shake things up a bit and explore a "new" neighborhood.  Sunday afternoon, we picked Harvard Square.  In my 5 years of living in Boston I have only walked around Harvard Square 1 or 2 times and I have never really walked though Harvard Yard.  With my camera in toe, we played tourist in our own city and also found a new favorite restaurant-The Russell House Tavern.  Seriously, soooo yummy.  Their seafood selection was some of the freshest, tastiest I have had in ages.  We split oysters from Westport, MA (Coincidentally, the same town where artist Dora Atwater Millikin lives.  I photographed her studio for Design New England here.), a Maine rock shrimp salad to die for, lobster tail and an ahi tuna dish.  They we all so fresh, light and just the right portion size.  I am already plotting another dinner there.


I did a minor freak out when I saw the Elements of Style book front and center at the Harvard Coop, and I may or may not have told the sales girl (and pointed out) I contributed some photography to the book.  Yeah...I am soooo not cool enough for Harvard or Cambridge. HarvardYard&BookStore HarvardYardGate