Styling Interiors / by Sarah

10827958_10153130877219483_6854225729814794740_o Styling a photo shoot for interior is no small feat.  A lot goes into those perfectly photographed homes you see in the magazines.  Those blankets don't just effortlessly throw themselves accorss a bed, nor do those granny smith apples perfectly arrange themselves into the bowl.  On most of my interiors shoots the designer acts also as the stylist bringing in car loads of extra "props."  Flowers, baskets, accessories, sometimes even whole coffee tables or chairs.  My clients and friend Erin Gates, has a great chapter in her book Elements of Style outlining all the work and behind the scenes madness that goes into an interiors photo shoot.  In fact, all those glossy interior magazines usually have a stylist on hand to do all of that on top of the photographer and designer.

About a month ago a publication (to be named soon...yeeeee!) saw the blog post about my kitchen renovation and wanted to see more.  Well, long story short, I just spent the last week styling and photographing my kitchen and library to be published this Monday, March 30th!  I love my job and I LOVE my home, especially after the blood, sweat and tears we put into it.  When renovating our home we worked with a wonderful contractor, Dan Shanks and architect, Kyle Sheffield, and while I relied mostly on myself and my Pinterest addiction for the interior design, I am also lucky enough to call some of Boston's most talented designers my friends and clients.  I defiantly picked their talented brains through out this project...but back to styling.  I wanted the rooms to be true to how we really live, just better versions.  Enter Living Etc. magazine.  If you are not familiar with this glossy is a funky UK publication that focuses on the modern side, but also mixes in traditional elements.  And the styling is the most creative I have seen in ages.  I love that the rooms always have a bit of a twist.  Perfect but not too perfect.  I subscribe to the iPad version and adore it.  It's not the same old peonies in a mint julep cup (which for the record I love). They just seem to have a great twist on things.  Here are some images I earmarked as I was brainstorming for my own shoot.

Living Etc.Living Etc. Living Etc. white kitchen Living Etc. Living Etc. Living Etc. Living Etc. Living Etc.