Stopping by the woods / by Sarah

It seems like everyone is just dying for spring this year.  The sound of a few hardy birds in the morning and bunny tracks in the snow in our back yard have me believing it can't be too far off.  Temperatures "soared" into the 50's on Saturday and we just had to spend some time outside.  I don't think I have every watched the weather so acutely as I do, now that I have a toddler.  It is not just in regards of how to dress, but can we go outside?!?!  Being outside seems essential to my 2 year old's mental state and mental state...  So we did some research about nearby hiking trails and found there is a huge and lovely nature area, the Newton Conservation Land Trust, not even a mile from our new home.  Bliss!  City access with nature out our back door.  What could be better?  The trails were still fairly icy but it made of a great morning out.  Folowed by a Shake Shack burger and Pinkberry yogurt.  I love the "burbs."  Now if these New England temperatures would quite falling again.

ChestnutHillConservationLand-4 ChestnutHillConservationLand-3  ChestnutHillConservationLand-5

ChestnutHillConservationLand-2 ChestnutHillConservationLand-6 ChestnutHillConservationLand