Sick of being sick / by Sarah

I was doing so well with posting and being all inspired and then this every present cold came back around to kick my ass.  I have either had about 15 different colds since the fall or one big long one that subsides and them comes back.  I am sure it is due to pregnancy low immunity and all those lovely toddler germs in my life, but I am sick of it.  I'm trying to pull out all the stops: tea, eating all those power, high antioxidant foods, Netty pot, Emergency C, you name it.  I am determined to be well.  Until then, this is may work from home scene.  Don't want to subject the studio to my super germs.


Also, a shout out to all my Atlanta friends and family.  What a week!  I am glad you all are safe and sound.  My mom even took in a stranded traveler for the night and there are still abandoned cars on their street.  Crazy!  Love to you all.  xoxo