Shopping Brimfield like a pro...

Stuff Magazine just published an article written by Erin T. Gates on how to shop the Brimfield Antique Market like a professional.  It is a must read if you are thinking about venturing out for the September show or any antique show for that matter.  They used my photography (shot during our July visit) for the piece.  Thanks Stuff Magazine and thanks Erin.

Best advice:

"Remember, this is an antique show, not a fashion show. Resist the urge to dress in a cute "antiquing" outfit, and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It's not about who looks the most chic, but rather who can run the fastest to snag that faux-bamboo chair set. Sneakers, yoga pants, hats, sunglasses, and backpacks are your best friends here."

These are some very wise words indeed...I unfortunately did not consult Erin on how to dress prior to our outing and tried to go for the "cute outfit."  Not smart at all.