Serenity Now / by Sarah


Christmas is always a busy time of year.  That coupled with finishing our renovation, having a toddler, being 4 months pregnant (oh yeah baby #2 is due in early June!) and tying to maintain working and being only able to schedule in existing clients had made me a little...well bonkers.  Not to mention we have decided to throw a Christmas Party this weekend.  Actually the Christmas party has made for a good deadline to get renovation stuff done and I have been a bitch on wheels pestering my contractor, sub-contractors and painters to finish up, but it is still insane.  Last week, I can across two quotes which ring so true.  One was a letter from my daughter's pre-school to all the parents and the other was actually my horoscope. (Yes I read my horoscope daily.)

On parental life during the Holidays, from the Head of School from my daughter's preschool:

"As parents we try and do it all to make the season merry. Know that what you child needs and values most is consistency and time with you. Only you know all the errands which didn't get done or the extra events which you didn't get to take them to. Try and keep your schedule as close to normal as possible . Your child counts on having a steady routine. To keep your poise during this hectic time, take some well deserved time for yourself. Even if it's only 15 minutes a day. Find a magazine to read, take a bath, go for a run, stand in a yoga pose, or take a power nap. You will be surprised how much this helps."

Now excuse me while I go take a hot bath...well not yet, too much to do today.

On Work form Astrology Zone:

"If you've been neglecting an important life or career goal, adjusting your focus between now and March 5 will help you get back on track"

I soooo needed to hear this.  The past few months my work has taken a back set to the house renovation and family life.  It is not a terrible thing, but it just means I have only been able to maintain my business, not grow it.  I have also had zero time to just go our and shoot for myself, and zero time to blog.  So I am going to let myself enjoy the holidays, enjoy a family trip to Sea Island for New Years and start 2014 with a calm, focused approach.  Serenity now!  I hope.