Sense & Sensibility

The other day I sent my duvet to the cleaners for a long over due wash and press, leaving my bed with just the white down comforter in its place.  The duvet is back from the cleaners and I just can't seem to make myself put it back on the bed.  The sensible thing to do would be to put the darker duvet back.  I know Magnolia's gray kitty hairs will soon be all over the white comforter, but I just love the white crispness.  Perhaps it is a summer thing, but for now I think I am leaving my bed all white.  Even if that means I have to take a lint roller to it each morning.  It is just so nice to climb into each night.

With the duvet



Come fall I may change my mind and put the duvet back on the bed, but for now I think I like it without.  These photos do make me realize I need to get some art on that wall STAT!  Perhaps I'll find something at Brimfield tomorrow.