Resolution time / by Sarah

IMG_4309 New Years Resolutions can be cliché, I know, but I also find the act of reflecting and taking some personal and professional "inventory" very cleansing.  We chatted about this with my family over our wonderful week together in Sea Island, GA and my sister-in-law (basically the best person you have ever met) said she is going to think about her daily actions and have them fall into one of these two categories: Purpose and Gratitude.  She also shared with me this beautiful article about going beyond just "cutting carbs," and more "sleep, play, love."  Both women, the author of the article and my sister-in-law faced immense traumas in the past year; the author losing her husband and my sister-in-law dealing with my nephew's leukemia (he is now in remission but still has 2 more years of chemo.) Hearing their words and resolutions are inspiring.  Mine still verge on the "eat less carbs" end of the spectrum but will also hopefully make my life less hectic and more purposeful.   Here they are, in no particular order.

1. No phone, Facebook, Instagram, Buzzfeed, Tumbler before bed.

This is also a resolution for more sleep.  I go to bed fairly early, but often find myself an hour later still staring at my phone, deep in the internet black hole, time suck.  Those are precious moments of sleep wasted away in the bowels of the internet.

2. Blog more:

I love love love my new website and blog design, but have somehow* found myself not blogging as much.  My resolution is to blog at least once a week.  This resolution also includes not just blogging for blogging sake.  I started blogging as a way to show my work and motivate me to explore and shoot more.  Although this doesn’t mean I won’t have the silly post here and there.

* Duh, I have a toddler, a baby and started working again, but still, I want to blog more.

3. Uniform dressing.

Have what you wear and wear what you have.  I have about 2.5 minutes each morning to brush my teeth, get dressed and (maybe) swipe on some mascara.  I still want to look good, especially on days when I have a photo shoot with a client, but I don't have the time to create street style worthy ensembles.  A wardrobe filled only with things I love and actually wear will help me shave off precious moments in the morning but still feel chic.

This also belongs in the category of buying less clothes.  In truth, I made this little resolution back in October.  As I switched my closet from summer to fall and maternity to non-maternity, I realized how many clothes I have and how little of them I actually wear.  I had a major purge gave away three bags of clothes and have also vowed to buy nothing until I have seen what I wear (I have most done this, save for a new swim suit for our New Years trip).  I am finding I stick mostly to skinny pants, a silk or semi structured top and ballet flats of some sort (boots as winter has arrived).  I love the look of layers, jackets, blazers and even the occasional flare leg pant but my life of photo shoots and children is just not conducive to the complicated look.  Same goes for heels which have now been relegated to date night and party ware.

4. Do what I am doing and do it well.

In other words, don't over multi-task or mission creep.  Mission creep is a term coined by my brother-in-law for that act of just furry about, doing 10 different projects, chores or tasks all at once, but never fully finishing them.  That is basically ALL I do.  If I am not checking my email while trying to throw in a load of laundry and tidy up the kitchen all on my “lunch break” (hazard of woking form home) I am probably trying to get to the store between a photo shoot and picking up my daughter from school.  I am able to have focus when on a shoot or editing and I want to extend that focus to my family life.  To take time each day to sit down and really play with each of my children.  To put down my phone when I am curled up on the couch in the evening with my husband.

5. Make more art*

Weather I am shooting photos for myself, journaling or photographing for some limited print editions**, I want to create more.  It makes me happy.

*Also filed under blogging more, because blogging and connecting with others tends to inspire me.

** Another roll over goal from Fall 2014, I am selling some of my work in large scale limited prints.  I spent late summer and fall trying out printers and framers and for 2 great scources.  Stay tuned on the blog for more information and hopefully a small show.

6. Do more of what makes me feel good.

Eating and exercise.  The resolution everyone makes, but for a reason.  Eating well and exercising make me feel good and not just for the body image factor (although that can make you feel good too).  Luckily I have found what works for me...I just have to do it.  Eating, veggies, fruits and protein, and working out, even just once, a week make my body and mind happy.  What I really need to do is find a yoga class to help strengthen and stretch my back.  Lugging all my camera equipment and two (enormous) babies around is quite a workout in and of itself.

And there you have it.  Earth shattering?  No.  But writing them down helps.  It makes me think about my resolutions in concrete ways and commit to them...and now that I have shared them with you all, I am held accountable.

What are you new year resolutions?