Renovation Update - The Circus is in town!

With a steady stream of 6-7 pick-up trucks in our driveway daily and men walking on stilts plastering walls the circus has definitely come to our house.  Paint decisions need to be made and the floors are getting refinished in a mere week and a half.  It is go time.  We are still almost 6 weeks off from completion but we hope to move into the second floor once the floors are done.  Yikes...that means I have to get some blinds pronto or "Hello new neighbors!"

Plastering away.

photo 3-1 photo 5 photo 3

Paint selection.  Since I am painting the library black I want the rest of the main floor to be a super light grey.  So light there is just a slight difference between the trim.  I am deliberating between the three lightest ones below.  Yes they are actually different colors.  No this is not a trick question.  Kind of.  I don't have to decide quite yet.  We are painting the bedrooms first so we can move into them.  Then I'll decide on the gray.  photo 2-2 photo 1

Inspiration for the light gray.  Although upon posting these I am realizing most of these walls are white.  Think that confirms to do with the lightest gray of my choices.


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