Renovation Update / by Sarah

We are in the final pushes of making our house habitable so as it is full steam ahead this week, I am sorry for the lack of quality posts. I have my eye on the prize and it is to sleep in my own house. The hubs and I stayed at the house last Friday and Saturday night, but it is not quite ready for bΓ©bΓ©. The goal is officially live there this Friday night and while the place will be far from complete it we will have power, water, HVAC and a semi complete kitchen. I cannot wait. Here are some random iPhone pictures to update. Now off to bed as I have another big day of scraping, painting, orginizing, cleaning, etc.

Kitchen. Custom cabinets by Vermont Cabinetry. Sooooo pretty.

20130823_13023920130823_130308photo 3-4

Door way we made from Library to kitchen. Also future home of the built-ins I 4-1

No sinks in the house means brushing your teeth in the tub...better than camping I 1-3

We are so close I can taste it. I feel like a kid counting down the days until Christmas. I am a ball for excitement, energy, stress, exhaustion and sheer will. See you on the flip side.