RENOVATION - update / by Sarah

We are just beginning to skim the surface on our big renovation.  With architectural drawings still being finalized and our contractor selection almost narrowed down, we are getting ready to get ready.  That said, as the proposal costs are rolling in we are hoping to do some of the smaller things on our own.  In preparation of that...I swear all I am doing is preparing...we spent the day on Saturday getting our hands dirty and getting a feel for the house.  Every time I go there it feels more and more like our home.  It is still 2 months before we move and longer before renovation is finished but I must have patience.  I know buying and old home is a labor of love.  I did find some lovely surprises including a beautiful little pink azalea bush in the back yard (needs some pruning love once the blooms are done.)  And as we took down some of the interior doors in preparation for sanding and painting we realized the original brass hinges are hiding under years and years of paint.  I have a trick to removing the paint that involves a crock pot and some liquid detergent.  I'll do a whole blog post about that process.

For now here are some little snap shots of our Saturday.  Which of course included two trips to the hardware store.  Thank goodness the ACE we went to had free popcorn!  Yeee.