RENOVATION - udate...the real mess is underway

So we have been weekend warrior style attacking the house.  Removing tons of nails, screws, window treatments, sanding, patching and prepping the walls, doors and trim for painting.  The prep work takes a thousand times longer than any painting, but I know it is going to make a huge difference in the final outcome.IMG_9806


We picked a contractor, the amazing Dan Shanks, to help execute the plans drawn up by LDa Architechture. (We picked Dan for many reasons, but mostly because he was so amendable to helping us save cost on the renovation agreement wherever we could.  That and all his references wrote like 7 paragraph long emails signing his praises.)

The dumpster arrived last Friday, which meant the real mess was about to begin.


The demo crew started on Monday and have been making fast work of the kitchen:

Monday morning:







IMG_0034No going back now...I am meeting with the cabinet maker tomorrow to flush out the kitchen plan.  Can't believe this is all finally happening.  It is going to be awesome!  Yeeeee.