Renovation - Decision making time / by Sarah

I have been lacking woefully on posts, but in my defence I feel like I have had to make 1000+ decisions a day.  What kind of windows, sink fixture, light fixture, countertops, fireplace surround?  Can a pocket door fit here?  How large of a sink will fit in the powder room?  Do we have room for a wall oven? What paint colors?  (which we will be painting ourselves to save money)  Oh and we found tons of old wiring we now have to address.  Obviously the previous owners were not concerned with pulling permits and getting inspections when they did any work, because no inspector would have allowed what we are finding.  Not to mention keeping up on work projects.  Thankfully I have the best baby and husband around and our rainy week is forcasted to subside into a beautiful weekend, so as Rihanna would say "Cheers to the freakin weekend."  

My week...

My beautiful new kitchen.

photo 1


Old staircase gone to allow for kitchen to have a side door.  Old staircase led to illegal apartment they were renting out to three college kids.  Yikes!


photo 2


Old unusable chimney...gone.  More square footage? Yes 3


3rd floor illegal apartment completely demoed.  Future home of guest suit and media/playroom. (Distant future, so don't book your stay just yet.)photo 4

Panoramic view.  We were pleasantly surprised to see how much space is up there.  The three bedroom apartment made the space feel all disjointed, and the drop ceiling hid a beautiful vault in the roof.  Down the road this space will be amazing, but for now it will just be attic space.

photo 5


We have two gorgeous fireplaces that will need stone surrounds and hearth.  That decision is for another day.

photo 4 photo 5

Kitchen purchasing decisions

Kitchen hardware...decided.  We are going with brushed brass knobs and pulls for the kitchen.  Brass (brushed and unlacquered) seems to be coming back on the design scene with a vengeance, which is great news for our 1880's home.  Especially after I uncovered the lovely original brass door hardware.  If you doubt me check out these amazing photos from Gianetti Design’s blog of their new home Patina Farm.

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Gorgeous right?  I found some more budget friendly options via Home Depot and Lowe's and I love them!  I love even more that they are brushed brass and only about $3-4 a pop.  Here I have taped them up on cabinets and colors similar to what ours will be.  The cup pull is found here.  And the knob it here.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

For the kitchen facet I wanted this in brass soooooo badly, but it is like a 3 month lead time (another indicator brass is back) and a bit of a budget buster at that.

photo 2

So I am thinking of going with a little more commercial look and getting a pull down sprayer.  Yes, I will be mixing metals, but I kind of like that.  Pairing a traditional look with a little more industrial.  My Pinterest boards a full of that.  May make the counters a little less crowded too.   photo 4

It also makes having these pendant lights a little more doable in my opinion.  I am in love with them, but was worried about going too brass crazy.Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 2.37.34 PM

Up next, the great marble countertop debate.