Reality Check / by Sarah

Last week I had a huge reality and priority check. Midway on my daily drive between our new home currently under renovation and my in-laws house, where were are camped out, my 1 1/2 year old had had enough. "All done! All done!" She kept screaming while doing the sign language we had so diligently taught her to help her communicate. All done! I hear ya sister. I had been dragging her all over kingdom come trying to work on the house, work on a video project, schedule some photo shoot, work on my website, while throwing her on a playground with a babysitter here and there. We had all had enough and it took her yelling it at me for 20 minutes straight for it to sink in. I needed to step back and realize my priorities. So I have been trying to do just best as I can. Β There is only so much I can so, successfully, in one day. Fortunately we are now spending some quality family time at the beach in Sea Island, GA. We scheduled this trip around the floors being refinished so fingers crossed they are complete when we return home. For now those worries are a million miles away. And I am focused on my biggest priorities....hubby and baby (although she is basically a full on toddler now.)