Rabbit Food / by Sarah

With all my Spring cleaning motivation (still in the planning phase:) has come a health initiative too.  Now, as a family, we don't eat poorly.  I do love me some Tostito chips and those Cadbury chocolate mini eggs this time of year are my kryptonite, but for the most part we eat pretty healthy.  (Mostly gluten-free/Paleo due to me finding out I was intolerant about 6 years ago.)   But there is always room for improvement and don't we all get in those dinner ruts preparing the same 4-5 dishes each week.  And after the long snowy winter we have had, we needed a change up.  That is when I decided to look to Boston Organics, a produce service delivering organic, mostly local, seasonal produce.  A friend in my building recommended the service and what an idea!  You can customize your order as much or as little as you like and have weekly or every other week delivery.  We went with the 1/2 fruit- 1/2 veggie box for $29 a week.  I wanted to have some surprises to help challenge and change up what we regularly eat, but I also put some things on our "no-list," like beets and mushrooms (have never been my favorites.)  And I had to have some "must haves" every week like bananas.  Hello, I have a one year old.  Bananas are like our go to food.  Oh and you can also do some grocery add ons.  I did eggs and tomato paste.

Yesterday afternoon I opened up our delivery box to this:

IMG_5168 IMG_5170 IMG_5178 IMG_5180

Full disclosure, I had to check on the front of the box twice to figure out what those big yellow things were...they are carrots.:)

IMG_5183 IMG_5187

Inspired by my delivery, last night I copped up the onions and used the tomato paste to make a Paleo meat loaf recipe I found here.  Note: I used turkey instead of beef because I had it in the freezer and I did not add any honey as the recipe suggested.  We don't like our meat loaf that sweet.  I also made a salad with the red lettuce and pea shoots.  Another disclosure, I had to look up online what to do with the pea shoots...just chop and add to salad.  Easy enough.  And aparently they have more vitamin C than blueberries, more folic acid than bean sprouts, and more vitamin A than tomatoes.  Yay us!

Instagram pic I shared with to world last night as I was feeling very pleased with myself.  Haha


I'll keep you posted on the rest.  I think I will try my hand at some kale chips this weekend, and a potato salad made with some greek yogurt.