Quiet Please

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the Masters in beautiful Augusta, Georgia.  The sun was shining, every flower was in bloom, every bird was singing and the grass was what can only be called "Maters' Green."  It was gorgeous.  I also had an extremely unique experience in this day and age...I was technology free for the day.  No cell phone, no camera, no electronic devices at all are allowed within the gates at Augusta National Golf Club, so we had to leave our devices behind.  Which begs to ask the question...if you can't Instagram or Tweet it, did it really happen?  I have no photographic proof I was at the Masters on Saturday.  Nothing.  We did pick up some hats and shirts with iconic Masters logo of the yellow silhouette of the United States with the golf flag located in the spot of Augusta, GA, but that is it.  It sounds so silly, but it was such a strange feeling at the beginning of the day.  Many times I would see a beautiful view or Maters' sign I wanted to Instagram, reach for my phone and realize it wasn't an option.  Even stranger were those times when I was just standing around, waiting in line at the bathroom, in between golfers, or walking form spot to spot and instinctually reached for my phone, just to kill time.  Low and behold I actually had to look at my surroundings; talk to the person next to me, or just be alone with my thoughts.  It was enormously freeing.  I found myself more relaxed and more present in the moment than I can last remember.  It was the best stress relief.  So I have decided to spend at least one hour a day technology free.  That means no laptop, no peaking at my cell phone and no camera at my hip.  Ideally I will not even have them on hand.  They will be tucked away safe at my house and I will be with my daughter, my husband, myself.  Truly with them.

Photo from Masters.com