Progress on the Home Front / by Sarah

Now that the majority of workers are out of our lives we have been able to make progress on the design and organization of our home.  The design part it great fun but the organizational part was giving me nightmares.  And I LOVE to organize.  But between work, the holidays and keeping my new year resolution to spend meaningful, focused time with my daughter, the mounds of bins and storage items on our third floor have been neglected.  In a motivational move, I broke down and hired and organizer for two days, and let me tell you it was worth it (and way more affordable than I had thought it would be.)  We motored through most of the 3rd floor and she hauled off two car loads of stuff to Good Will.

We still have some work to do, but here are the "before" shots.  Eventually we would love to make this space a guest suite and media room, complete with a full bath and bar sink area, but for now it is a great, easily accessible, temperature controlled storage area...well, it will be once we are finished organizing it.


Disaster I know, but the Library is coming along nicely.  Now I just need some Winchester girl power to help style the shelves.  My mom and sister are great at this.