Pinning - the old fashion way / by Sarah

Many of us have found out the fabulously addictive nature of Pintrest.  My boards serve a great forms of inspiration, cataloguing ideas and even grabbing hair styling tips when I am bored with my routine, but there is still something about a good old fashion inspiration board.  I finally had the opportunity to hang my big 6-foot by 4-foort bulletin board (and by me, I mean the awesome Lawrence McRae hung it for me...I owe him big.)   Part inspiration board and part piece of art, I just love walking into my studio each morning and seeing all my favorite images.  I won't show the whole thing yet, as my studio was just photographed for an amazingly exciting feature, but here are some teasers.  It is a mix of my favorite images and some of my work...see if you can find my stuff. :)

My big inspiration board:


Snippets from my studio mate Erin Gate's inspiration board.


Inspiration board from Tibi fashion show - SS 2012 collection

Photos: Sarah Winchester

And who doesn't love a good model board?


And the queen of inspiration boards, Kelly Wearstler.  Photos from her blog, My Vibe Life.

 Have a happy weekend!