Photographers at the Museum / by Sarah

MFA-April2015-1 The art museum is one of my favorite places in the world...any art museum.  As teenagers set loose on London by ourselves, my sister and I headed straight for the National Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Nerdy?  Yes, but my affinity to art museums has given me a great jumping off point to any city I visit.  When in doubt, head to the art museum.  Now, how lucky am I to live in a city with one of the finest collections of art in the world not to mention the endless rotation of top notch visiting exhibitions, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  I have a bachelors degree in Art History and a masters in Museum Education, so you would think I visit the MFA on a regular biases.  Truthfully, I am just like everyone else, always thinking "I should go there more often," but always finding my life jam packed full of other priorities.  The other day my friend (and photography idol/mentor/genius) Michael J. Lee, started a little Facebook chat with myself and another photographer Jessica Delaney (whom I have been wanting to meet).  We decided we needed to get together.  We decided it should be the MFA.  With cameras in tow.  We didn't attempt to do the whole museum.  Just a couple of exhibitions, lunch, walking, snapping and chatting.  It was lovely.  One of those "we should do this more often" days.  Thanks Michael and Jessica.  Here is what I "saw."

Herb Ritts Exhibition

MFA-April2015-2 MFA-April2015-3

Decorative Arts


The Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, painted in the perfect blue.


Watching me. Watching you.


Michael and art