Photograph Published in Workbench Magazine / by Sarah

Photo editing:

I was flipping through the mounds of home improvement magazines I get, when I saw a photograph of mine used in an article about concrete countertops!  I had given our PR company a bunch of concrete countertop photos a number of months ago, and I assume they give them out if editors call asking for any stock photos.   I love the pears in this photo and the little indent in the countertop surface acting as a built-in fruit bowl.  This photo really illustrates the unique feature of concrete countertops in that the artistic possibilities are endless.

countertoparticlecloseupsm workbench-coversmer

The concrete artists are Hall Griffin and John Jarvis from Carve Surfaceworks and the product used is QUIKRETE Countertop Mix with a platinum pigment added.

Photo by me :)