Photo Assistant for a Day / by Sarah


And what an amazing day it was!

I had the great privilege of assisting The Boston Globe photographer Essdras M. Suarez.  (Remember?!?!  The same wonderfully kind and knowledgeable photographer that helped me out in the photo store.) After meeting Essdrass and looking at his amazing work, I contacted him in the hope he might need some help.

To my luck and surprise...he did!  I assisted Essdras on the photo shoot of New England Patriots defensive linemen, Jarvis Green.  He was shooting Jarvis for a Boston Globe feature about the 25 Most Stylish Bostonians.

To have the opportunity to work with Essdras and all of his fabulous camera and lighting equipment was such a wonderful experience.  I was in complete awe of how he could walk into a never before seen space, direct me in setting up the lighting and create the amazing orange glow and intimate feeling you see below.  Just beautiful.

Picture 1

Photo: Essdras Suarez, The Boston Globe


Also photographed by Essdras (but not on the day I was assisting him), is one of my favorite interior design bloggers, Erin Gates of Elements of Style. I stumbled upon her blog one day when googling "Boston style blogs" (after realizing finding the love of my life also meant a move to Boston).  You must check out her blog.  It is fresh, fun and offers a ton of fabulous design ideas.

Picture 3

Photo: Essdras Suarez, The Boston Globe

Also go check out the rest of the photos Essdras took for the 25 Most Stylish.