Out in the crowd / by Sarah

I am not a very good "crowd person."  If I see hordes of people walking one way, I tend to be running 180˚ in the other direction.  My husband agrees, I belong to a more Downton Abby civilized approach to life...well the life of Lady Mary of course.  Despite my aversion to crowds there is something I love about the photography of Massimo Vitali.  A long time favorite of interior designers and coastal homes, his beach photographs often show hundreds of people on a crowded beach (my worst nightmare), but some how make is seem exciting and vibrant.  Maybe it is the 10,000 ft approach to the subjects or the saturated colors, but his work is exciting and peaceful at the same time.  This past weekend as I sat down to my long, lovely breakfast during our Berkshire get away, I was so excited to see a feature by Vitalli on Brazil in the NYTmes Magazine...well that and the fact that I had the time to actually sit down and read the Sunday paper.  What a luxury.  Here are some images from the feature.  He really can see pattern and beauty in almost any place, from beach to flavela.

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