NYFW here I come!

I am sneaking off for a super quick trip to New York for Fashion Week and I couldn't be more excited.  A little inspiration, some fashion frenzy, time to myself in a hotel room and a dinner with my cousin has me psyched.  Except for my own fashion dilemma...what to wear?!?!  I know one will be looking at me with the models, designers, fashionistas and street style starts, but I still want to looks chic or at the very least not look completely out of place.  Although at almost 6 months pregnant (I am in that...not quite looking crazy prego...just looking fat phase) and freezing temperatures my "cute" wardrobe choices are very limited.  So I have decided to just go all black, and thankfully I discovered Storq which is a new line of maternity staples.  The fabric is a super soft, comfortable cotton.  Perfect for the train and getting around.  They even use an actual pregnant model, not someone with a fake belly.  I ordered the size up they suggested and the tops seem a little big but I guess I will get bigger and the cotton may shrink upon washing.  I'll let you know.

Packing photo 3

Me giving my best "don't sit next to me on the train" look...it didn't work.  Crowded train.photo 2My Storq package.

photo 1The essentials for comfort.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.38.12 AMI don't normally do these types of mood/inspiration boards on the blog, but I was putting this together for myself (yes, I can be a planning/design nerd) and decided to share it with you all.  Getting dresses each day can be such a chore, but getting dressed while pregnant can be a nightmare.  So here it is: What I am going to wear:NYFW20141. Mason coat I got on the Net-a-Porter end of season sale. 2. Ella Moss for A Pea in the Pod pleather top. 3. Statements earrings. I got a similar pair last year from this company. (With a big belly, I feel a statement necklace is too much, so I am going to opt for earrings) 4. Etro scarf my aunt handed down to me a few years ago. (one of my most favorite accessories.) 5. Delicate rings. (again, a big belly has me scaling down on the jewelry) 6. Leather leggings. I had some Christmas returns to Neiman Marcus and got myself these!  Yeeeeee!!!! 7. Booties (the were on sale in the store awhile ago, but the website shows them full price.  Don't know why.) 8. Camera bag (Stylish and functional.  I have had this bag for a while.  Love it.)

P.S. Three of these items, and like half of wardrobe, has basically been sourced from my friend and fabulous blogger Elements of Style.  She will do her Fashion Friday posts, I'll usually lust after some items for a few months (years in the case of the leather leggings) and then wait for them to go on sale.

P.P.S. I may or may not share a selfie of the final look.  It depends if I feel like a whale or not. :)