Night Falls on Tremont / by Sarah

As the air changes from that spring smell to summer warmth I can't help but think of those great nights out with friends when all your want to do is throw on your most rocking outfit and just be outside.  I approached New Brahmin with the idea for a "summer night out" shoot and they were thrilled.  I got to produce and shoot the whole thing, scouting out locations, securing models and hair stylists, while also pulling from their vast resources.  What came about was a photo shoot dream team, and some lovely images.

Styists: Liana Peterson & Janine Stafford
Make-up: Jeannie Vincent 
Hair: Tim Robishaw from Jeffrey  Lyle Salon
Models: Lauren Fredette & Becky Shirazi

I wanted to capture the excitement and relaxed warmth of summer and I really wanted to try my hand at some night photography.  Check out the full, large scale editorial, enhanced with the graphic talents of Miss Jessica Sutton at New Brahmin.


Beauty shots


Other favorites from the shoot

Lauren and Becky are just gorgeous and the whole night was a blast.  Thanks to all who made it possible.