New Obsession/Inspiration - Sea of Shoes blog / by Sarah

The other evening I ventured over to the blog, Sea of Shoes, and I am officially obsessed.  The author is Jane Aldridge, a 17 year old from outside of Dallas, TX who posts images of her amazing shoe collection, styling ideas, and inspirations.  I guess I am a bit behind on my "discovery" of Jane and her blog, as the fashion world is already gaga. even did a profile on this stylish teenager back in February.  (Guess I was too busy being blissfully engaged and all to notice.)

Needless to say, the girl has got some amazing style, and a wardrobe to envy.  She is also a fun and creative photographer.  Jane and her mother shoot most of the photos posted on the blog and even construct different "sets" at their home in which to shoot.  I spent all evening reading her entire blog.  (Thankfully my new hubby had a business dinner, so he didn't feel neglected.)

Her mother, former model and fashionphile herself, has an amazing blog as well, but more on that in another post.  Too much to digest in just one.


Some of her amazing style.



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Some of the "sets" she creates.

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Rick Owens coat that I have too!

The thought of getting to wear it actually has me excited for Boston cool weather...did I really just say that?



Crazy cool Christopher Kane gorilla dress.


Photo by Bret Sano


Adorable inspiration drawing



Yes it is crazy that a 17 year old has a designer collection to rival most fashion editors, but she is so selective and genuine in her style that I just love her.  She isn't buying a piece because of the label...she truly loves the art, design and construction that goes into it.  Therefore her look at fashion and wardrobe choices are rarely boring and always unique.